Welcome to my Homepage!

Hi, I am Ulla Wälder, danish photographer, interior designer & perfectionist. I live in beautiful Vorarlberg, Austria with my german husband. But I work internationally and have additional bases in Denmark, Germany (Munic) and Italy.

I take pictures of people, interior design, hotels, houses, food and products. Unpretentious, minimalistic and natural. That is my style and my DNA.

I love taking portraits!!. I am addicted to the „magic“ when the „soul“ behind the facade shows. Faces have always fascinated me and I have a rather large collection of painted portraits at home.

How can I help you? Feel free to call me or send me an Email. Then we can discuss your project or idea in person. Until then you will find some examples of my work and style here.

And what else moves, touches and fascinates me you can follow on Instagram: studioWälder

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